Culture-Driven Talent Pool

With Remote on the grow – Culture, Motivation and People Skills are more important than ever. 

Hire Talented Software Engineers who are just like you.

We helped 500 + Companies find their Candidates and Contractors with Culture in mind

0 %

of professionals have left a job because of poor cultural fit

0 %

of professionals have worked for an organization where they disliked the company culture

0 %

of employers says it is very important to find candidates who are good cultural fit

Data from Robert Walters report "The Role of Workplace Culture in Recruiting Top Talent"

Why Mindpal?

See what benefits comes with our Talent Pool

Spending many hours searching and negotiate offers with candidates?

With us you will hire ready to work developers within 24 hours from request.

Trying to coordinate all the necessary technical, soft skills AND cultural-fit tests with candidates?

We checked our developer’s skills, both technical and interpersonal. You can be sure that you get top employees that fit your project.

Are you struggling with the problem of burnout and lack of motivation among your employees?

We will support you in leading your team by giving specific recommendations for your employee's personality type.

Wasting a lot money on expensive job posting, talent pools, personality tests?

With us you will save money by having acces to a huge database of proven employees, both in technical and cultural terms.

Matchmaking in Tech done right. Culture first.

Get a full-picture to make hiring decisions. Building cutting-edge tech starts with high performing and well-aligned Team.

We are flexible

Our cooperation model is flexible, so we're giving your options to become your top-of-mind new, better recruiter and contractors manager.

Onsite or Remote

We helped many European Developers to meet in person with Bay Area and other US Teams

Mis-hire risks reduced

We have been hiring for decades and we earned the tech matchmaking skill

Recommendations tailored to personality types

By presenting you the candidate, we will make sure that you know how to work with him, in which teams to add him and what to do to keep his level of motivation at the highest level.

Based On Break-Through Psychometric Results

People skills, Emotional Intelligence, Cognitive skills as well as Communication – we are measuring that all on top of technical screenings – so the profiles we’re presenting are like never before. Minimize the mis-hire risks.

What are the benefits of a good cultural fit?

What do you gain by joining Mindpal?

Advanced vetting

We test for 100+ skills, including data structures, software specializations and frameworks. This allows us to get a comprehensive understanding of each candidate's abilities, and helps us find the best fit for each role.

Selected candidates

We select developers based on their ability to carry out tasks. Our top priority is technical ability.

Pre-video check

We want to make your choice as easy as possible, therefore, in addition to psychological and technical tests, we focus on a video so that you can get to know the candidate better before you decide to work with him.

Next-gen Recruitment Approach

Typically – recruiters, marketplaces, freelancer platforms are focused on technical skills – but you have zero to none insights if you you will work well with the presented person. Our process starts with culture fit assessment, followed by Emotional Intelligence analysis and more. In short – you get 360 information about the person before making the hire decision. 


Big Five Personality Trait helps to align motivation and communication style

Hire for Values

Attract talent on the basis that their individual values and behaviors align with the values of your company.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence counts for twice as much as IQ and technical skills combined in determining who will be a top workplace performer.

Pre-Employment Motivation Tests

Motivation is a key personality trait in the workplace because motivated employees are more likely to be productive and goal-oriented

Problem Solving Assessment

When hiring software developers, knowledge of languages and frameworks is nice, but what really matters is a can-do attitude + probability of given business problem to be solved

Communication Intelligence

Similar to Emotional Intelligence it is an intelligence that enhances relationships, professional development and productivity, and all other types of intelligence.

Open your search to global talent with the same mindset, motivation and values

It’s People who build the great next things – now you have a 360 matchmaking tool to navigate via all the global options.

Bay Area Founders

Expanding your Team? Is culture-fit as important for you as the technical skills? Tired of traditional recruiters, marketplaces and talent pools? Look no more!