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Recruitment platform that streamlines hiring and job hunting. With smart tools and an intuitive interface we match employers with the right candidates and help job seekers find their ideal roles!

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Meet your new AI companion.

Meet your AI Agent,


Safe time and money finding your perfect candidate with the help of AI Agent Michelle.

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your AI Agent

Does research

Michelle will search for the right candidate so that you don’t have to! Just type in who you’re looking for and let her do the job

Has access to 550M profiles

Michelle can access an enriched database of millions of profiles and is ready to scan them within seconds

Messages candidates

She understands resumes and profiles and can reach out to candidates. Sha can answer basic questions, too

Self-improves over time

Michelle will constantly optimize and provide your with better candidates over time

Summerizes her hunt

Michelle summerizes her hunt in real time via Slack

CV Generator

CV Generator

CV Generator

CV Generator

Anonymize, edit, generate CVs with the power of AI

Stop using Canva or Photoshop to anonymize or edit CVs. You can use Blind CV not only to anonymize CVs, but also to make them more legible and accentuate Candidates’ strong points.

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Candidate Experience can be frustrating

❌ Lack of feedback
❌ Difficulty in finding the right offers
❌ Unclear job requirements

AI CoPilot for
Candidates and Recruiters

Recruiters: from search to interview
Candidates: from prep to interview

We actively work with 500+ Recruiters and 100k+ Candidates