Tom Teluk
25 June 2024

New Products and New Website MindPal.co

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Summer begins with a new offer and a completely new website from MindPal – a leading AI HR company offering recruiters unique tools supported by AI.

— We offer our clients new functionality of our website, aimed at improving its functionality in a one-click philosophy. Our intention is to introduce our products and encourage users to start testing our services. I think they can easily discover new possibilities and see how AI tools can improve their daily work — emphasized Chris Parjaszewski, CEO.

New customers can test all products for free and have promotional access to many features. The most popular ones are CV Generator and Job Matching.

In the Resume Generator, recruiters can quickly edit resumes, create their own talent pool, and collaborate with their preferred ATS. The generator helps anonymize sensitive data, extract desired skills and format it into a company template. You can download it in any format.

Job Matching suggests the best candidates with job offers based on the criteria you enter. Scanning uses hybrid search: keywords, boolean and semantic values. The decision-making process is supported with high precision and uses multiple data. Candidate scoring allows recruiters to automate searches and evaluations.

MindPal is a recruiting powerhouse where dream positions meet top talent. The brand offers the first and most innovative MindPal AI HR Assistants. Thanks to AI-backed tools, companies can hire talent several times faster, save money, and reduce repetitive work to zero.

According to Synaptic’s research, MindPal.co is in first place among most promising Gen AI start-up’s on the HR market that did not obtain financing yet. This makes the company extremely attractive to future investors.

Media Contact:

Chris Parjaszewski, chris@mindpal.co, Phone: +1 415 996 9785

MindPal.co,  415 Mission St,  San Francisco, USA 


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