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It’s the future of recruitment

Culture first

We focus on cultural matching to create long-term relationships. We truly believe that the more happy workers, the less the fever resignation.

100+ companies

We will connect you with interesting companies, you have to perform tests to make our matchmaking as good as possible.

We are flexible

Our cooperation model is flexible, so we’re giving you options to become your top-of-mind new, better recruiter manager.

Non-ordinary profile focused on your strenghts

On Mindpal you are more that just “a candidate”. We value who you really are and what you are looking for in your future job. We highlights your strenghts, personality type and competence to better match you with your future employer.

Join the community engineers most satisfied with their work

We aim to give you the best long-term job opportunities, taking into account your cultural and technical fit for the position.

Find a job that matches your skills

Apply for jobs in 100+ different technologies and various levels of seniority.

How to find a job with Mindpal?

We will find you good job or project but first you need to...

Fill quick form

We just need some basic information about you and a video where we get to know you better

Take our tests

It is time for technical and psychological tests so that we can match you to your future company

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Familiarize yourself with what we have prepared for you and start working in your dream company

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MindPal?

We are culture driven talent pool that helps employers and developers match up through cultural and technical tests.

How MindPal matches employers with candidates?

We pay great attention to psychological tests, which give us a broad picture of both what kind of employee a given company is looking for and what company a given employee fits into. We believe that cultural fit impacts employee happines and satisfaction, affects financial and employee performance, impacts employee productivity.

How MindPal is different?

We are distinguished by the fact that we not only pay attention to the technical background of each candidate, but also his interpersonal predispositions, our experience in recruitment allows us to match the company-employee in the context of long and effective relationships only.

Do you have only job positions for developers?

No, we want to expand our base with many more positions related to the IT industry, such as managers, designers, etc.

What information do I need to provide to create an account?

We will need your basic data, your experience, you will also be asked to complete psychological and technical tests. We encourage you to record a short video in which you answer a few simple questions and tell a few words about yourself. The more details you give us, the better match we can create with your future employer!

Why am I asked to answer questions in the form of a video?

Thanks to such a video, the employer gains a broader picture of what kind of person you are, how your communication skills are, at what level is your english and simply can get to know you a little better before you start to work together.

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